Monday, May 16, 2022

legging back up again!

Charlie had some sort of mystery foot soreness for the better part of 3 weeks, plus bumped his face on something -- producing a little trickling nosebleed to round out a complete 3 week vacation. 

true story: i don't like putting bonnets on charlie bc they cover his big beautiful star. that's nothing a little DIY action can't fix, tho!
It's a little bit of a bummer bc he had been going so well in lessons, plus we ended up missing a fun little jumper show (he went lame literally the day I sent in my entry).

plus bonus lightning bolts to accessorize your fresh-back-into-work TB on a jaunt across the farm!
And, naturally, it's starting to look like we've seen the last of what had been a very pleasantly mild spring. The weather has switched gears in no uncertain terms to muggy oppressiveness bleh.

last gate before wooded freedom!
So idk what that really means in terms of my motivation to rush back into any sort of heavy work lol. We're both feeling a little weak and wimpy, if I'm being totally honest. 

so cool, so refreshing, so GREEN!!
Charlie's first two proper schooling sessions under saddle after coming sound were very short, and very to the point. Yet it's hard to say who was more winded from the effort lol. Maybe me, bc... Well. Reasons and stuff. But also maybe Charlie, who had actual little rivulets of sweat foam squeegee-ing through the holes in his billet straps omg.... After, again, only 20min of mostly walking LOL...

i love all the little stream crossings
But ya know. It's a joy and a privilege to have this horse healthy and happy and ready to go under saddle. And if I'm really gonna drive the 20mi each way to see him, might as well make the most of it, right?

charlie does too
People always love to tell me that long slow miles walking over hill and dale are the best solution to equine fitness work anyway, never mind that the horse literally spends more time roaming hills in a single day during his turnout than I ride in a full week (12hrs, to be specific). 

fountain at the neighbor's house!
So, hey -- might as well, right? And let's be real, getting out into the woods is just mentally so refreshing too. Esp on these hot sunny days -- the woods are legit much cooler. Plus with recent rain we've been having (thus the mugginess), the leaves are actually all still dripping with water -- so it's like getting spritzed down every time your gigantic horse runs you into yet another tree branch!! 

wheee was supposed to be hand-held video of us jumping a couple logs but my finger slipped so you just get 3sec lol
Extra bonus -- the nasty biting deer flies and black flies aren't fully out yet (even tho, dear lord, the TICKS absolutely are omg...). So my fly whisk and Charlie's bonnet ended up being totally superfluous. Better safe than sorry, tho! 

heading back toward the main outlying pastures
And guys, the horse just feels so good right now. Weak and lazy as ever, but happy and relaxed and soft. And considering we basically always follow the same exact circuit through the woods, he really needs minimal input from me to find his way around. 

ooof, they're mighty overgrown tho --- those giant xc jumps are nearly covered! 
Plus he knows where all the fun canter spots are, and all the fun log jumps!! Tho, sorry, I kinda failed at getting footage of us doing the last little line toward home. It ain't much -- but it's fun, and Charlie always lands in this nice big rolling (but careful!) canter that I wish was as easily replicated in the sandbox LOL.

mmmm grassssss --- i think charlie's group will get turned out into this big summer pasture starting next week, fingers crossed!
Anyway. It feels so good to be back on the horse again. And I think he's happy too. It's not really clear yet what our plans or goals will be for this upcoming year. We definitely wanna go out and have fun and maybe challenge ourselves a little bit. 

back into civilization, sorta. charlie's winter paddock is to the left
But most importantly, I want to keep him sound and happy and healthy, and am not particularly inclined toward anything that's gonna really stress me out or make me work too hard in too unpleasant conditions lol.... 

sweet trail pony <3
We'll see, tho. I've got a couple ideas :)   Anybody else feeling like summer is coming on faster than expected?!


  1. Ugh, Ben's foot thing also timed with missing really nice weather. Nothing wrong with woods trail rides though! But we've definitely pushed into yellow fly season down here, so I'm going to be stuck with early morning field trail rides instead.

    1. ugh such a bummer haha. spring isn't usually my favorite season bc it's always so muddy, but this year has been quite a bit more dry. honestly i'm already kinda paranoid that it's gonna be another extremely hot dry summer... we'll see tho!!

  2. We've just been cruising around the past few rides, too. Too hot, too unmotivated to work. It's so nice that you have shady trails!

    ASLO- I tried to the Fairy Tales static spray yesterday. Eli was super dusty from having been turned out the day before. I tested it on his neck (wasn't sure how slippery it would be) and watched the dust get brushed off. ALL OF IT. I brought trainer A in to show her on his rump: minds blown. I then sprayed it all over him and for the first time, when I patted him during our ride, I didn't see a dust cloud or my handprint on his neck. T H A N K Y O U!!!

    1. ooooh yay glad you like using that spray stuff!! and it's not slippery at all i don't think -- i have no issues using it under my saddle etc. it just plain old gets the dust off and keep 'em shiny, exactly the way i like it!!

  3. It's been way too hot here, then we had some type of crazy cold spell and now we've gone back up into the 90s blegh. We've definitely barely gotten a spring between the crazy weather and the constant 20mph winds. I'm glad Charlie is doing well tho after his time off!

    1. we were lucky enough to get a pretty awesomely mild spring for the most part, with a couple little blips here and there.... but ya know... all good things end eventually LOL

  4. Summer is definitely coming too early, omg. The nearly 100-degree heat, the humidity, the barn construction meaning there's currently no shade to be found anywhere but in the remotest corner of the farm, and a number of other minor factors meant that the vibe check for me and the BOs for barn time this weekend was "uh, hell no, the ponies will be there next weekend." lol

    1. ugh bleh no shade = no good. here's hoping the construction wraps up soon!! bc yea ain't nobody got time for that lol

    2. Alas, construction is just starting, but once they get at least the roof up, we'll have some shade again. And it's all for the good!

  5. Summer is my favorite so I'm really excited it's visiting early! I'm not sure the horses agree though. Glad Charlie is feeling better and you're back in the saddle!

  6. Bummer he was out for a while, but glad you are able to get back on him again!

  7. Agree with you, a trail ride can be a mental palate cleanser


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