Sunday, May 15, 2022

bee-autiful farm animals

Charlie's farm is old. And enormous. And, as it turns out, home to many many many various critters --- well beyond horses and ponies and barn cats.

critters. everywhere.
A whole bunch of them are right out in plain sight too, tho, it's actually pretty easy to miss them. 

i spy, with my little eye!
This weekend, I was particularly enamored with our resident carpenter bees <3 <3 

and hey look, there's another one!
These sweet fuzzy bumblers have moved into what must be ancient nests. If they're anything like the carpenter bees from my back yards growing up.... they've probably been living in these holes for (bee) generations.

morning ablutions, bee style
Can't say I've ever actually caught any of them hangin around. Actually --- I only noticed these guys bc I just about smooshed one by resting my broom on the wall right next to where his little bumble bum was sticking out.

well hello there!
Eventually, tho, even bees gotta get up and get their days started haha. And this one seemed just a little bit surprised to be watched in the process lol...

buzzing off lol
But bee life ain't gonna take care of itself, so off they gotta go. Bye, bee!

more critters!
For as interesting as the bees are, gotta admit I kinda like our standard fare barn animals. Like Mikey!!

lol and illustrations of critters
And the ridiculous barn pig Goose, who has been on a diet these last few months for... um, illustrated reasons lol.

lol when art imitates life
Honestly, the variety in animals is kinda nice -- just one more reason why long weekends at the barn are such a nice change of pace from the 9-5 drudgery, amirite?


  1. I love bees and pigs. Just bought some cool carpenter bee condos to put up at my farm. Sometimes the little guys fall into Val's trough when they're thirsty. They will crawl on your finger to get out of the water and hang around to dry themselves off. Don't appear to be stingy :D
    This documentary about wild bees is excellent...

    1. one of our resident instructors likes to tell the kids when they get nervous of the bees that you'd probably have to grab one inside a closed fist and start squeezing before the things will even consider stinging you.... they just mind their own business lol! and thanks for that pbs link, i'll check it out!

  2. I don't want to be dramatic, but I would die for Goose.

    1. lol he's a real character! he was kinda grumpy and threatening before his diet changed, but seems much happier and active now that he's getting proper pig nutrition!

  3. I have the bees too, and I'm a little concerned that they're destroying my barn... But so far it's still standing? I dunno. They're friendly so I can't squash them!
    Pammon's farm where I went to try him had a pig! AND it did tricks! It could sit and beg.

  4. I saw a carpenter bee for the first time when I was in KY!


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