Saturday, March 17, 2018

tall drink of water

Yo horse so tall, he can't even fit his whole height into a single frame.

It's not tall horses' fault that they think they're the center of the universe, they just can't see anyone else!

What does Charlie do when he sees an airplane coming? Duck.

What happened when the tall horse went to hang himself? Nothing, he couldn't find a high enough ceiling. (plz don't hang yourself tho, Charlie!)

That horse is so tall, he tripped on a rock and hit the moon.

What do Charlie and Bode Miller have in common? They both look like they're wearing skis.

Charlie so tall and clumsy, he airballs more free throws than DeAndre Jordan.

How do you make a tall horse look more awkward? You can't.

Yo horse so tall he has to take a bath in Niagara Falls.

What do tall horses and chopsticks have in common? They're awkward at the most inopportune moments.

Charlie so tall I can't go anywhere without seeing him.

What's a tall horse's worst fear? Ceiling fans.

Yo horse so tall he uses the Empire State Building as a toothpick.

Tall horses: The giraffes of the equine race since the beginning of time.

Charlie so tall he did a back flip and kicked Jesus in the chin.

Tall horses: They look like slinkies when they run.

How do you make a tall person horse angry? Pick them up in a smart car trailer.

Charlie so tall Yao Ming looks up to him.

Yo horse so tall he tripped in Michigan and hit his head in Florida.

Yo horse so tall he's actually somehow sound again. Miracles!!!

All jokes dutifully gathered from ye olde google. Sources here and here. Did I miss any good ones??? Lol, happy weekend everyone!


  1. Glad that your giraffe is sound again!

    1. gosh i just love sound giraffes tho!!!! <3

  2. Replies
    1. lol it's certainly something special haha

  3. The pictures are the best :)

  4. HAHA this made my morning! Glad Charlie is miraculously sound again - maybe he will stay that way this time? Hopefully.

    1. all crossables are crossed that he stays this way for AT LEAST another six weeks plz! lol....

  5. LOL - glad Charlie got off the Abscess Express :D

    1. we shall see!! this thing is like the undead, it keeps coming back even when we think it's dead for good.... but hopefully we're in the clear now!

  6. Yeeesss! onwards and upwards from here on out!

  7. I love sound giraffes! Good boy Charlie!!!

  8. You should get these pictures done up on multi-canvases for your wall in a triptych format.

  9. Sounds giraffes are the best giraffes!


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