Thursday, October 5, 2017

2017 2ptober: Meet the Contestants!

Phew ok, everyone! As Allison announced this morning, the clocks have stopped, everyone must put down their pencil and return to their seated position. Entries for the 2017 Two Point Challenge have closed!

Y'all logged some monster times tho - color me seriously impressed! I'd have to go back and crunch the numbers from past years, but we might actually have the highest average (and median!) baseline times in a while.

All told, we've got the following stats rounding out the baseline competition -- with well over an hour of total 2pt held by competitors as a group:

# of Participants 31
Total Minutes of 2pt 71
Longest held 2pt 5:38
Average 2pt 2:30
Median 2pt 2:06

As for the individual competitors, please take a close look at the table below to check that we captured all your information correctly. If you believe you logged a baseline but do not see your information here let us know in the comments!

Rider Blog Baseline
Aimee SprinklerBandits 2:13
Alex TheHorseDream 0:22
Amanda Bel Joeor 0:25
Anxious Eventer Anxious Eventer 2:36
Bee Tea Riding to B 3:00
Beth A Truby in Tucson 0:23
Britt A House on a Hill 5:04
Chelsey Horseback Writing 2:47
Emily Frank 5:38
Fig Topaz Dreams 0:07
Holly Marescara 2:02
J. Alexander It's Cosmic 2:00
Kaity The Repurposed Horse 4:07
KateRose Peace & Carrots 2:24
KC The Pilgrim Chronicles 2:37
L Williams Viva Carlos 5:25
Laura Anne 1:11
Maddy CTR+Halt+DEL 1:15
Mandy The Everything Pony 3:00
Megan Phoebe the Freebie 0:20
Megan K Go Big or Go Home 3:13
Molly One Bud Wiser 2:09
Nadia 3day adventures with horses 4:40
Niamh The misadventures of a girl and her OTTB 2:43
Nicole Sharp Zen Baby 1:58
Olivia DIY Horse Ownership 1:17
Sara The Roaming Rider 0:32
SarahO Autonomous Dressage 2:05
SarahW My Red Mare 2:00
Teresa Journey with a Dancing Horse 1:44
Tracy Fly On Over 1:45

Additionally, even if you're not participating in the challenge this year, take a close look above to see if there are any new-to-you blogs. This list has been updated since we last published it and there are new entries!


Finally, some notes on reporting your progress each week:

  • Allison and I will have reminder posts up either over the weekend or on Mondays to report your weekly progress
  • In the comments, let us know your longest time each week
  • This will be tracked in posts throughout the month
  • In addition to reporting on the longest times each week, we'll also be measuring improvement by rider
  • Also keep an eye out for tips and tricks to make the most of your practice!!

Happy 2ptober everyone!


  1. When you forget to get a baseline time because you are too busy riding the horse...
    Well actually I was going to get my time Tuesday but someone decided to be missing a shoe (on the same day my purchase check got cashed - coincidence, I think not) and then yeah last night I was evidently in the zone and I guess I'll just two point for fun this month. ;)

    1. I also forgot, so I will be joining you in the non-compete but still participating bucket, too.

      That, and getting a 2 point time on the OTTB girl after a week off seemed like a really, really bad idea. Especially since it was chilly and she had the zoomies.

    2. Don't feel bad - I forgot too lol

  2. There are some impressive base lines times in there.

  3. I'm already ready for no-stirrup November aka... bareback.

  4. Good luck all. May your muscles be with you! :)

  5. I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one with sub 1 minute time! Gotta get my butt working (literally) and improve over the month!

  6. You know, I've never actually been on a list sorted by first name that wasn't a contact list in a cellphone. It's cool being first!

    Way cooler than the contact list because DAMN I got butt dialed A LOT.

  7. womp womp.

    I thought I forgot something when I rode on Tuesday... turns out I forgot to do two-point lol.

  8. I'm so pumped! I've been lurking forever but now have a blog, have a horse and can participate! so basically any improvement will be a personal best hahahaha. I'm still gunning for most improved though... Gotta reach for something!

  9. Woot! I'm excited! So, for this week, do we start now logging a time for the week? Since I'm horribly uneducated on 2ptober and OCD to boot lol

    1. yup keep track of all your practice times, and practice often!! all you need to report to us is your longest sustained 2pt position time - during which you never lean on your hands and your seat never touches the saddle. we will have posts up to prompt your comment too!

  10. Ha- I'm well inside the first standard deviation. :D


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