Saturday, October 8, 2016

2ptober Meet + Greet: The Contestants

Phew, ok! Happy Saturday everyone. Hope you all have fantastic weekends planned!!!!


In the mean time, I'm happy to announce the 2016 Two Point Challenge Field of Competitors!!

Megan and I scraped this information from the comments on our respective blogs, but it's an imperfect system so please let us know if we missed something or got a detail wrong!

More importantly, tho - take a close looksie through the following list. This is always such a great way to find new blogs, so click through to any names you don't recognize! I know there are a few here who are new to me too!

Rider Blog      Baseline
Alli PONY'TUDE 7:21
Amanda Bel Joeur 0:47
Appydoesdressage Musings from LogDog Acres 5:06
Aryelle Horse Hack 1:47
Carey Me Jump Pretty One Day 3:23
Emma Walk, Trot, Canter, Banter 1:54
Grace The Horseback Artist 2:20
Heather The Graduated Equestrian 5:15
KateRose Peace & Carrots 2:06
Kristen Stampy and the Brain 3:27
L. Williams Viva Carlos 2:53
Lindsey Redheadlins 10:08
Liz Stout In Omnia Paratus 1:17
LoveLaughRide Grain Before Groceries 4:40
Megan Howling Owl Farm 0:05
Monica How to Train your Dragon 4:27
Nicole Zen & the Art of Baby Horse Management 3:40
Olivia DIY Horse Ownership 0:44
outofashes One Bud Wiser 1:26
SarahO Autonomous Dressage 2:25
Semi Feral Equestrian Semiferal Equestrian 2:36
Teresa Eventing Saddlebred Style 1:47
Three Chestnuts Three Chestnuts 0:33

See the handy dandy histogram below to see how your baseline compares with the rest of the field. And remember there are TWO chances to win. Are you going for the longest time? Or the most improved? Or trying for a shot at either?!? 

Regardless of what you're hoping to win, you've got your work cut out for you, so get to work!!


For those of you competing in the contest, remember that your weekly totals / best times are due to either Megan or me in the comments at the end of each weekend (so, by end of day Sunday). Just commenting on your own blog (or texting me, Nicole, lol) doesn't count!!!


  1. good luck to everyone!!! additional prize - if you live near me i'll buy you a beer for even competing :P

  2. Woot woot! Thanks for the reminder for weekly updates! I better get to two pointing this weekend!

    1. get to it!!! you've got a record to protect!!

    2. No long painful time to talk about for this week, just lots of 5 minute chunks. Not sure how to report that.

  3. I did my update last night, and I'm up to 1:10!

  4. Woohoo should be fun! (not for my legs...but prizes yay!)

  5. My times this week were 1:59 and 2:12. Thanks again for hosting!!

  6. Woohoo! Let the fun begin! Thanks for putting it all together! :)

  7. Thanks again for hosting! My time is up to 2:24

  8. 59 seconds! And I haven't ridden since...

  9. 3:43 this week. Why is one horse so much harder to hold two point on than the other? Yikes!

  10. My updated time (from today!) is 4mins and 8seconds. I nearly died :O

  11. Fell asleep before I could send this last night...

    My new total is 2:21

  12. Fell asleep before I could send this last night...

    My new total is 2:21

  13. I dealt with a broken trailer all weekend plus a horse show, sorry. I got 4:50. Does it count to go backwards LOL!

  14. I am probably going to have to withdraw :( B is lame AF

  15. I didn't ride this weekend (I spent it stuffing my face with turkey for Thanksgiving and cursing the freezing rain) so I don't have a weekly update. Not an auspicious start...

  16. I'm not sure if we were supposed to do a weekly check in this past weekend since the sign up date ended during the week. Either way I was out of town until Sunday night and didn't get to ride. Maybe this week.


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