Sunday, August 28, 2016

the fluffening: moar ponies!!

Back by popular demand - it's moar ponehs!!! Same babies, different day.

But now complete with 100% moar Wicked too!!!

Ah man it just makes my cold dark little heart go pitter patter to see these tiny little yearling shetlands and big ol' warhorse Wick be all friendly and stuff. 

And about Wick - seriously, what is not to love about this guy? 

I always get eighteen kinds of paranoid about a horse striking out or spinning and kicking, esp around smalls and babies.... idk why. It kinda seems like that's a thing tho? And Isabel was definitely a striker.

But damn, Wick is such a diplomat. Seriously tho - doesn't he basically look like some politician on a state trip, going down the line and shaking hands? Putting this out there right now: Wick for President 2016!!!!

Obvi tho we can't leave all the fun to Wick - I had to spend my own time with the babies too. I esp loved that little horse sized orphan foal. What a sweetie! As soon as I'd scratch his back, he would start mutually scratching one of the yearlings' backs too. 

And those yearlings were mighty sweet. Still ponies tho... So obvi still closer to hell haha. Super cute tho!

Happy Sunday everyone - hope your weekend is full of soft fluffy sweet ponies too!


  1. ah the ponies. I've been telling my kids to get working on the grand babies so I can buy a pony. Is that wrong?

  2. OMGPONIES11!!1!!!!1!11!!!!! Wick has my vote!

  3. Those thick, coarse pony manes! I will be seeing my "pony" in just a few hours. I'm sure he can hardly wait.

  4. Just like how most horses know when it's a kid-human, they also know when it's a kid-horse. Most of the horses I know are super, super gentle with the babies, much like they are careful with human kids. They know!

  5. So stinking cute 😍😍😍😍😍

    And Wick - what a dreamboat!!

  6. Val almost killed us once saying hi to some yearlings over a fence when he decided to strike out and got his foot caught on the electric tape. Such a dumb dumb. Now I'm super paranoid too. But man, Wick sure looks nice all puffed up like that!

  7. Little fluffy ears get me every time! And Vi's a striker and squealer, so we work very hard at not making friends over fences, lol.

  8. Warming the cockles of my cold dead heart!


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