Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dolly update

Quick post today - on a Sunday when perhaps not a lot of you are tuning in (what, do you have like, a life or something? lol). But I figured it was worth mentioning all the same. Especially since last time I wrote about a beloved lesson pony confined to stall rest, it ended very sadly (we still miss you Milagro!)

stall rest pony is (briefly) out of her stall!
Perhaps you remember when I wrote about our lesson pony Dolly back in June? She had come in for stall rest for a somewhat innocuous hematoma type injury but then quite unexpectedly foundered. So she's been in for.... a while now.

Great news tho - she is getting better. Very slowly, and sometimes one step forward is followed by two steps back. But. The overall trajectory is going in the right direction - and she remains bright and happy and pretty darn close to comfortable.

free pony is happy with freedom
She's been spending more hours each day out of her special fancy footwear, and has even gotten back to some turnout. Tho her turnout buddy (another rehab case) returned to full turnout - a positive development tho it means Dolly is without a pasture mate and she is not ok alone in a field.

But she's happy and able to meander through the barn and enjoy grooming and bathing sessions. And is as quiet and easy to handle as ever - despite her recovery dragging on for close to two months now. So thanks to all of you who wished Dolly well - hopefully she's recovered and back out with her friends soon!


  1. Glad to hear she is doing better, I hope she keeps improving and can rejoin her buddies

  2. I'm glad that she is doing better!

  3. Yayy I love hearing about improvement! Keep on keeping on miss Dolly

  4. Laminitis is the worst. Glad she's recovering well!

  5. Yay! Glad to hear she is doing better!