Sunday, August 9, 2015

STA Blog Hop: it's ok to be weird

It's just a blog hop kind of weekend, I think. More to come later about recent outings (cross country schooling!!!!), but in the meantime here's another hop from new blogger Kaitlyn at Something to Talk About Eventing. She writes: Show me some silly moments of you and your horse! 

Haha yes this is also a thing I can do! Except, well, it's predominantly silly moments of Isabel on her own bc I never do weird or silly things. Nope, totally normal over here!

ok so except for this... i made her get up there... she didn't seem to bothered by it tho!
one goof ball gelding, one disgruntled mare
'omg this bath is killing me - i'm melting, MELTING!!!' - isabel
'i love this post' 
tired pony is so tired!
the side eye is strong with this one lol
what the WAT? (c'mon ppl play along haha)
'i'm not weird, YOU'RE weird' - says the muzzled and zebra-print-bedecked isabel
you mean you don't dress your horse like this too? 
i'm pretty convinced that if she could talk, it would just be a constant stream of her berating me lol
'personal space? i don't understand what you mean' - isabel
she'll tell you that we don't feed her. she's clearly starving. 
'sucka!!!' - isabel


  1. She is clearly ashamed of having you as an owner

    1. lol either that, or she is intensely aware of the fact that i *don't* own her (i lease) and is constantly mentally screaming at me: 'you're not my real mother!!'

  2. Replies
    1. lol isabel would kill me if she knew the kinds of pics i posted of her online

  3. Too fun, I'm going to have to steal this!


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