Thursday, August 20, 2015

prep of a different kind(s)

As previously mentioned, we've officially kicked off preseason for the next few events with a jumper show last weekend and xc schooling w trainer P two weekends ago. I got a LOT from both those experiences about where we are right now in our riding - and opted for one more perspective by moving this week's lesson with Dan to the cross country field.

this mare was pretty neat to watch
it was almost the perfect day for schooling, just a touch on the hot side
Lots of takeaways from this ride - especially as it relates to how we'll approach our event at OF this weekend!!! Plus, ya know, I got some sweet helmet cam footage so that's pretty cool too. But.....also probably won't be edited for a couple days. So the post will have to wait. Sorry :(

the corner tries its best to look innocent
Suffice it to say tho, that some of the ideas/experiences will be swimming around in my mind for a little bit. So in the meantime, I'm turning my attention fully towards this weekend.

The event is on what could reasonably be considered 'home turf' by this point, so I'd really like to put in a good showing. Not necessarily in the 'win first place' kind of way - but just put in solid efforts with minimal mistakes. So I'm thinking it's a good opportunity to dole out a little TLC.

sweaty but still sweet
Izzy will have her 6wk 5wk follow up today from our last chiro appt, and hopefully she'll be feeling quite nicely after. Then she'll get the rest of today off, light work tomorrow, then a lesson on Saturday (likely also light) and then we'll run BN at OF. Should be fun!


  1. Replies
    1. i certainly hope so!!! trying to make sure i've got the right balance for time off, but still enough fitness

  2. Sounds like an exciting! The equines at the barn where I work always feel nice after chiropractor work, and sometimes have it done a few days before shows so they feel loose and free in their bodies. I hope you have a great time this weekend!

  3. Have fun! Can't wait to hear about it :)

    1. haha have no doubt - there will be posts lol


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