Friday, July 8, 2022

friday fotos: show pictures!

Happy Friday, everybody! For today's adventure, let's zone out and enjoy reliving our 2min of glory from this week's schooling jumper show at Plantation, by way of literally 28 beautiful HQ photos taken by my YR barn mate's father!!!

obvi i'm a dyed in the wool obsessed media junkie... but it helps to have such a handsome subject!!

no joke, tho, i whittled down this gallery from no fewer than 400 original photos... literally half of which are us walking and jogging around the warm up ring since the show was behind schedule

"just happy to be here!" -- emma

first warm up interval was literally just dinkin' around

eventually we got to work tho <3

d'aww charles and his twinkle toes

apparently one must not look directly at the boyd lol

am i the only one kinda obsessed with this landscape?

again tho, not lying, half the pictures are basically this. and i am HERE for it lol

practicing our patience waitin our turn

ooooh eventually it was time to do things tho!

omg yes actually jumping a jump at the jumper show after like 30min of just wandering around lol

and a slightly bigger jump! i think we did the X twice, then once each for the small oxer, this vertical, and the other larger oxer

go go gadget racehorse! also, this is your daily reminder that while pros like courtney (background) might import and produce some of the nicest young horses on the market.... many many horses are fully capable of doing this stuff and pedigree is not a prerequisite. what really matters is that you like your horse and enjoy riding it.

i mean, we look like we fit in, right??? lol

oooooh finally tho, it's go time! look at his face tho omg i love it haha

jump 1 was no joke but charlie is a beast, y'all

the verticals in this course all looked so unimpressive compared to the oxer spreads

pro tip: if you're going to spectacularly beef it to a jump, make sure to do it while *everybody including the olympian* is watching

good recovery, tho, chuck! i swear he makes these jumps look microscopic tho

brave boy jumping into the spooky corner past the judge's gazebo!

so nice i liked it twice!! love these shots of airborne charles <3

this line seemed to ride mostly in 6 for BN, tho a lot of N riders were doing it in 7

was pretty sure the 6 would be just fiiiine for chuck tho lol

look at these cute phone booth standards going into the 2 stride!

rounding the corner toward home!


thanks, sir, for being the way you are <3

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. He does make all those jumps look small. Yes to being obsessed with the landscape and yes to enjoying the horse and enjoying the ride - whatever the pedigree!

    1. sometimes it gets really old looking at pictures of jumps that kinda made me nervous and feeling like the picture doesn't at all do it justice... but, eh oh well that's just how it goes with a giant horse LOL

  2. The landscape behind warm up + the solo shots look to me like ya'll are starting off on some kind of epic quest, I love it!

    1. isn't it so pretty tho???? it felt like an epic quest after waiting forever for our turns lol... worth it for the pretty pictures tho!

  3. man i miss the area up there. :( tiny bit homesick! glad you had fun!

  4. Such a handsome boy!! <3 I am also jealous of all the greenery you have there lol

    1. definitely super green this time of year in the jungles of the mid atlantic!! lol...

  5. Lovely photos! That looks like a lovely venue with the ring up high and the green, green fields down below! Your red shirt really pops in the photos. And Charlie, is well, a hunk. Let's be honest here. :-)

    1. the venue is SO pretty -- esp with that sort of hazy atmospheric post storm sky haha. and of course, that charlie is so easy on the eyes helps!!

  6. So awesome having a personal photog! You guys looks so happy and like you're having the best day. Love it!

    1. it really was a good day! i was kinda nervous going into it... but actually felt really happy with how i managed those nerves. which, let's be real, is a win unto itself LOL. the 400 gorgeous photos from my barnmate's dad make for some pretty serious icing on the cake tho omg

  7. I love them all! It sounds like a fantastic outing.

  8. Nice choice with the red shirt - you look fantastic against that beautiful backdrop, just walking around AND jumpin those jumps!


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