Friday, September 3, 2021

friday foto finish: hinting at tradition

Happy Friday, everyone!! And a happy long weekend especially to the US readers out there!! Idk what it is, but this Labor Day Weekend both snuck up on me, AND simultaneously feels way overdue. 

bc it's been too long since we featured some cats here on ye olde blogge
Probably bc... This is legit the first Labor Day Weekend I can ever remember that occurs after we're already days into September. 

And like, Holy Fuck, y'all. It is September 2021. How, -- why!? So much has happened since 2020, and yet.... omg, why are some things not even remotely different yet?! Arghhh... 

lolz, in case you were confused by yesterday's shoddily edited "hint hint" pic.... here's a memorable throwback to an amazing "inspo pic" from years past....
Ahem. Cough Cough. (But not coughing *like that*)....

Anyways. One Very Important Thing is getting back to normal this year. I mean. It happened last year too.... But. Eh, last year was a cluster. *I* was a cluster. So we're kinda just gonna move on and harken back to better, earlier days - and hopefully better (immediate) future days too!

obvi we recycle here at 'Fraidy Cat Eventing, with one mighty superhero cape passed down to the next generation <3 
(pro tip: stuff like this makes excellent 'wrapping paper' -- two gifts in one!)
In case you haven't figured it out yet -- I'm talking about the annual tradition here at 'Fraidy Cat Eventing of liberating our inner 12yos, in conjunction with local farm Tranquility Manor's annual Fall Hunter Pace. 

aaaaand back to the cats again. yes that gray one is exactly as bad as he looks lol
The hunter pace is basically a beautiful mix of glorified trail riding and cross country schooling -- with the bonus of potentially winning ribbons. All for the bargain price of $25. 

Teams gather at Tranquility for a jaunt across their extensive property -- following a specially marked trail through the woods, over hill and dale, and -- notably -- through all their schooling fields. There are different "divisions" to enter, based on whether you want to go fast over the big stuff, or go lower and slower, or even just enjoy a relaxing flat ride (every jump can be gotten around). And each division has its own "optimum time," which is kept top secret until all teams have completed. Closest to the time wins!

it was literally on the floor for like, one second so i could take a pic. then -- insta-cat-battle-ground
Naturally, organizers fully expect teams to linger in the xc schooling fields, tho -- taking full advantage of Tranquility's extensive collection of many many fun fences. They have an enormous assortment of all manner of xc jumps, virtually all of which are below 3', and many of which are right around the 18"-2'3 sweet spot. 

So the "optimum times" are generally padded out with the expectation that riders will take their time to enjoy the facilities, ya know? 

ooooh there ain't no cats in this one, tho!
Tho... Uh, obviously none of that really speaks to the content in any of these photos, lol....

The truth is... We tend to go a little extra at these events. Like, obviously most teams opt for some degree of outfit coordination. By which I mean, the day is generally an absolute ocean of navy blue polos + tan breeches. With the occasional "wild" purple or pink outlier lol. 

hmmmmm, yessss
We kinda go.... hard in a completely different direction. It started innocently enough, with the random creative spark to use the hunter pace as a vehicle for a surprise bridal shower back in 2016.

It grew wildly out of control from there, tho. Like, 'costumes' aren't required (or even really encouraged) at this event, and we are 100% the only people who do this.... but yet, we can't stop haha. In years since, we've done: 

- Superheroes (2019)

"i was told there would be an adventure?!" -- charles, ready for action
And this year?? We hope to take flight <3 

Or at least, lol, that's the idea. It's a bit of a hodge podge this year, thrown together at the last minute with a lot of new horses in the mix. As it should be tho, obviously haha. 

Ultimately, we're hoping for a Good Day. With good horses, fun facilities, and riders who are ready to let loose and enjoy themselves and this ridiculous lifestyle we've chosen lol. Oooh. And I'm hoping for at least a couple good pics, too ;) 

Happy Weekend, everybody!!


  1. Have a wonderful time. It always sounds like such a blast

  2. I hope you have a fun ride and can't wait to see the pics! Having fun is such a huge thing right now! lol

    And totes agree on several things 1) wow labour day already 2) how the eff is it September? 3) things haven't changed much again this year... etc etc.

    Love the cats - of course they are involved in anything crafty!

    1. lol i honestly feel like we kinda cheaped out on the "crafty" side of things this year since most of the stuff is store bought... oh well, tho -- it's not exactly like there are any rules haha, it's just gotta be fun!

  3. Love it! Hope you have the best time!

  4. I love costumes!!! Can't wait to see the finished result!

  5. This always sounds like so much fun! And I'm here for the costumes 100%!

  6. Ahhh it's so fun to see what your costume is every year you participate!


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