Thursday, January 7, 2021

facing reality

The entrance to Charlie's farm is decorated with a "Ridin' with Biden" flag. It's been there for months now, and is actually visible at times from the dressage court.

face your fears, chuck
Charlie... Thinks the flag is kinda scary. As evidenced by his spooky* reaction while we strolled the driveway last week. 

And ya know. I get it, Charlie. Political flags can be scary. Tho.... I promise, some real life movements underlying certain symbolism can apparently be much, much worse

(*Yea this is as extreme as Charlie's oh-so-gentle spooks get haha, he just gets tall + sad!)

congratulations, you've now vicariously ridden a charlie spook
Some folks saw their lives change during yesterday's entirely predictable blitz on the US Capitol. And... at least one (a friggin veteran ugh) straight up paid the ultimate price. And for what? Performance Art?? It defies explanation, logic, rationality.... It's just shameful. 

My thoughts are with anyone affected, including so many of my friends and colleagues who live in the district and surrounding areas.

2021 basically has one job to do -- be better than 2020. But maybe this will be a sea change, maybe this truly will be a bifurcation point. Maybe some folks will finally read the room and realize that.... For fucks sake it is TIME TO MOVE ON. And just... Be better than that. 

Bc I don't know about you guys, but I'm so tired of being outraged. So tired of thinking, "Ok this definitely has to be the ONE, the final breaking point!!" C'mon, man. 

I'm ready for some calm. Maybe even some boring haha. Here's hoping.... Stay safe y'all!

Ooh. And. Fuck you, Donald. 



  1. Just once, I want to have that "proud to be an American" feeling again, instead of being ashamed while the rest of the world watches in horror.

  2. Watching all of this unfold, I felt a lot of things. Horror, disgust, outrage, shame. But I wasn't shocked. I've been waiting for this to happen. I wanted to be proved wrong, but... The thing is, until people change who they are, will things truly change? Or will it all just get bottle back up until a leader is elected who says it's OK to fly a freaking confederate flag in the Capitol Building? The rioters were WHITE and barely anyone was arrested. WTF? And I see so many comments out there just comparing this to BLM. WTF. And lets not leave out those (yesterday and throughout Hannukkah) wearing Camp Auschwitz shirts and swastika and defacing Jewish buildings and memorials. WTF people? I'm done. I'm sick of it all. Even if the toothpaste gets back in the tube, there is no curing the venom inside people. None. I don't know how to get past/change that. We can better ourselves and improve ourselves, but can we fix intolerance?

    (did NOT mean to go off on a rant. crazy high dose asthma meds plus high dose steroids plus the state of stuff is making me jittery)

  3. I don't know. I'd like to think that we've hit a breaking point, but history tells us there is so much further we can go, and we still have two weeks. The rioters yesterday were escorted gently and kindly out of the building with only a few exceptions. So - it doesn't seem likely that they learned a negative lesson.

  4. As a Canadian we are horrified and saddened to see this. For myself I wonder if this would have been better if people were actually taken care of by their government instead of being fed lies as to whose fault it is (immigrants, angry BIPOC etc). I had a friend in the U.S. ask me if was bad living in a socialist country? Like WTAF? we're a democracy that has social programs - like universal health care.

    Good luck and stay safe.

    1. We've been asked similar type questions where I have to explain we're got a good standard of living and are not uneducated or oppressed. Let's not talk about the time I quite innocently mentioned vacationing in Cuba :D

  5. I was honestly surprised people I know were surprised about what happened yesterday, those people have been signaling that they would do it and they did it.

    The woman who lost her life was from San Diego, its kinda weird and I definitely have feelings that are probably not kind right now.

    1. This^^ It was broadcast for weeks what was going to happen on the 6th. How were people not prepared?

  6. We only got to enjoy the GA senate victories for what - five minutes?!

    A daughter of a friend works for one of our premier intelligence agencies - and conveyed to us yesterday that all available agents are being called to the DC area - on par with 911 and the Boston Marathon incidents. I got the impression every last one of those ignorant, seditious f*ckers will be hunted down and prosecuted. Really - we can do no less than that - or we are toast.

    And it shouldn't be too hard, because most of those idiots refused to wear masks.

  7. Angry. Frustrated. Sad. But not surprised. Still holding out hope that this will shake people out of their hypnotized state.


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