Saturday, February 2, 2019

wintry scenes + Ogilvy half pad FOR SALE

Happy Saturday, guys!! I always get kinda excited at the prospect of February. Sure, it's one of the nastiest months weather-wise in Maryland. But it's also the shortest, and gives me the feeling of time speeding up toward spring. Even if, ya know, March is also usually nasty and also literally interminable...

who doesn't love a little bit of shiny on a cold winter day?
Anyway. First on the order of business today is this lovely gray Ogilvy jumper half pad with pink trim and white piping. It's for sale :D

classy yet subtle gray and pink!
It's in virtually brand new condition, was used once and has since been kept in a climate controlled and smoke-free environment.

underside of the pad
It's size regular (fits 16.5 - 18 in. saddles, see below for more specs) with 1.25 in. memory foam insert.

inner pad and cover shown separately here
Asking price is $160, shipping not included. Email fraidycat.eventing at gmail if you're interested.

inner pad likewise in like-new condition
Prefer to ship in the US. Local pick up is also available within reasonable range of Harford County, MD.

specs + care instructions
If you have any questions, want to talk details, or see higher resolution pictures, just shoot me an email!

email fraidycat.eventing at gmail if you're interested ;)
And in the meantime, I mayyyyy or may not be eagerly awaiting the arrival of yet another trial saddle haha. Tis the season for gear checks anyway, right???

i spy: snow horses!!!
Considering our world is snow outside right now, there sure doesn't seem to be much else to do anyway haha.

aw chuck <3
Our region didn't get slammed too too badly by the polar vortex, but the front did blow in a lot faster / earlier than I expected. So I had to run out to the barn one morning before work (and before the snow squall iced over all our roads...) to sneak another layer under Charlie's blanket.

this is my favorite face, hands down
He was already turned out when I got there, and I kinda love seeing him out enjoying his pasture and friends. Also nice: he didn't seem the least bit cold or concerned about the snow. And was actually kinda nosing around all the frozen grass around the water tub when I walked in haha.

my phone came from my pocket. therefore my phone must be fud!! 
But of course he always has to come say hi (and check my pockets lol), and stood like a gentleman while I pulled back his top blanket to slide the Horseware 100g liner underneath. Guys that thing is SO WARM tho.

I sorta just unthinkingly kept it on the horse for our walk up to the indoor last week, then walked around with it tucked over my legs for the warm up. And WOW, I'm really impressed with it. Too bad Charlie's starting to shred that now too....

does anyone else get an anxious feeling watching your horse approach the herd at the bale?
Probably bc round bale season = horsey chew toy season, I guess. I'm always so so so extremely reassured to always see Charlie get a spot at the round bale. Mostly bc I worry about him staying warm and getting enough to eat. Luckily tho, that's been a non issue.

idk if it's just that charlie's such a big boy, or that he's generally pretty easy going, but so far he always gets a spot at the bale with relatively few dramatics (just, uh, don't look too closely at his neck, m'kay?)
But his neck is a freakin disaster. COVERED in little bites and bruises and sore spots. Ugh. I'm spraying so much alushield on him he's starting to look like an Appaloosa haha. They're even biting him through his heavy blankets. So now the Horseware liner has a big hole right in the middle of Charlie's rib cage, ugh, wtf.

stay warm, big guy!
Oh well, tho. Tis the season, I guess! He seems happy so that's enough for me.

Tho. Ya know. I'd probably be happier if the weather was a little warmer haha. Luckily next week looks to be ushering in some much more inviting temperatures. Hopefully to coincide perfectly with my saddle trial period!! We'll see if I can manage to capitalize on all that with maybe a little adventure ;)

In the meantime, happy weekend!


  1. Good luck with the trail saddle! It is a lot more fun when you have something that works and you don’t have to get a new one. Takes the stress off a bit. I hope you find what you are looking for.

    1. Agreed 1,000%. It’s seriously nice to not feel like I shouldn’t or can’t ride in my current saddle - Charlie’s done just fine in it and if I can’t replace it now or soon, nbd. Still tho, kiiiiiinda excited about the mail on Monday haha :D

  2. happy weekend to you brghh it looks cold there we had 65 yesterday and today going to be glorious. then warm still the first part of week but rain starting tnite all freaking week thru next weekend. and a drop in temps Thursday nite which means Mark gets to figure out blankets/sheets OMG :)

    I love that pad. I don't need it but it is adorable!! And i love that liner too. I swear it is so warm. I have it hanging out on the fence today getting a good air out and sunshine!

    glad you got another saddle coming to try! Good luck!!

    1. The weather is getting seriously haywire here right now and esp now that Charlie shredded his lightest weight sheet I’m looking at the prospect of turning him out naked next week. Which like. Omg I’m already dreading that next grooming session HAHA.

      The liner is so great too tho I think I’m going to try to rescue it from it’s apparent fate of shredding by patching it up. Wish me luck!

  3. I love that pad, just don't need it --it would be great for batt (I have no money left, lol!)

    I know the weather is going to be warm the next few days, but I'm really not looking forward to this warm up... It's just too big of a jump. I'd settle for 30s and 40s not 50s... Everyone is going to get sick. And then it's 30 on Saturday. Plus up here we're having air quality alerts? It smells terrible in DE... I pulled blankets this morning and turned out in the snow... Such a strange concept! Anyway, hopefully your liner survives....

    1. this mud is about to be intense..... i'm already dreading the grooming sessions that are coming my way as charlie finally gets some turnout sans blanket for the first time since like, november....

      and re: the liner, i'm hoping it can be saved with patches but will probably post the results either way!

  4. I kinda really hate that horses chew on each other >:[

    Hope he doesn't end up looking like swiss cheese

    1. honestly he's kinda a mess right now lol. it doesn't help that he keeps going through these cycles of hives and fungus ugh. his neck looks downright moth eaten :(

  5. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates for your saddle trial!


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