Sunday, September 9, 2018

two years of dreams becoming reality

Two years ago, I met Charlie Murray at an off the track thoroughbred adoption facility. Charlie ran 33 races over six years: winning 4 and earning just under $100K. His final win was in early 2015, but he kept running until Aug 9, 2016.

Right away, there were countless reasons to walk away, to keep looking for something else more suitable.

Charlie Murray, First Samurai x Shahalo (Halo), 2009 Gelding, 9/9/2016
When I met him, he was understandably in the throes of recovery. Physically a bit beat up, body sore, and hoof sore. Not sound. He was plain, nondescript. High mileage. A history of past injuries and a former surgery. With no training or restarting since he left the track.

But there was something else to him. Visible even beyond his evident soreness while moving around the round pen: His eye, his attitude.

his kind eye tho <3
I don't know, it's hard to describe, honestly. I've never claimed to have an expert eye for evaluating a horse's relative class or potential. But.... I've known a lot of horses. Loved so many of them.

gentle, sweet and so patient. he is a kind horse
Maybe at the end of the day, that's the ultimate advantage of having never owned before: I've gotten to ride everything. Have learned how to work with a lot of different types. And have also learned a lot about what type of horse works well for me.

so pleasant to be around
And when I met Charlie.... Idk. I had this strong feeling that he was a horse right up my alley. I had a clear sense of what I wanted to be doing, and what had to happen to get there. And Charlie seemed for all the world like a horse who could go there with me. Maybe even carry me further.

makes me so proud
Ever since that day, Charlie has been an incredible partner. Everything I could have ever wished for in the realization of 30 years of girlhood dreaming: My first horse!

and fills me with gratitude
Charlie inspires me more than any other horse I've ever had the privilege to ride. When I ride him, when things are going well, he feels invincible. Like we could face anything. Like I could take my wildest dreams and multiply them x1,000 and Charlie would still knock it out of the park.

mostly tho.... it's just this
At the same time, tho, Charlie has also been a master class in patience. He demands that I stay humble. That I take my time. That I learn to take the bumps in stride. And, when all else fails, Charlie requires that I keep a certain sense of humor about me.

galloping around together
And in return, Charlie just keeps getting better and better. You'd never guess all the hiccups and false starts and disappointments over the last two years by looking at Charlie today.

loving every moment and excited for whatever comes next!
He's just such a good horse. And I feel so incredibly lucky to have him as my partner. It's been a wild up and down ride, but so so exciting.

As far as I can tell, all riders want the same thing: that magic "click" that gives you confidence. That feeling between what the horse can be and what the rider can do. Charlie, for me, is a horse that clicks.

We're striking out into uncharted territory for the both of us. While Charlie was raw, green and inexperienced two years ago, he's quickly surpassed me in his ability and eagerness for new challenges. And I say: Bring it on! Here's to many more years to come with this amazing horse!


  1. This gave me goosebumps! You two were meant for each other. I do know exactly what you mean by when it clicks you feel invincible. Happy gotcha day.

  2. <3

    He's handsome as hell and I think you and Charlie are lucky to have each other!

  3. ♥️♥️♥️ every horse deserves this much love from his/her owner. Charlie is one lucky guy. 😁

  4. <3 Here's to many more years together!

  5. Lucky Charlie to have found you, too :)

  6. Aww, you guys are so lucky to have found each other!

  7. Congrats on 2 years! You guys are rockstars together!

  8. Beautiful tribute to your first fabulous two years! You guys are wonderful together and I just love watching your partnership co to us to strengthen and evolve. Congrats and here’s to many more great years together!

  9. It seems like you and Charlie are so good together <3 And yes, I totally agree that I want a horse I just 'click' with. Happy 2 years and to many more for you guys!

  10. Happy 2 Year Horse-aversary to you and Sir Charles (aka Chuckles heheh).

  11. By far my favorite post of yours.Because everyone who has a horse should feel this way.. But few really get to. I'm so glad you took a chance on him, and am so glad he's exactly the horse you should have. Good job on all you've done with him. June and I are hoping we can follow in your footsteps!

  12. Dang has it been two years already, it feels like you've just got him yesterday but also like he's been with you forever! <3

  13. Happy Gotcha Day Charlie!!! And the best part is, the fun is really just beginning.

  14. How did 2 years go by so dang fast?!?! Happy gotcha day and here's to many more wonderful memories.

  15. Definitely a perfect match! Congrats on a pretty fantastic two years with the best yet to come!

  16. *sniffle* this here is utter effing magic.


    happy 2nd Gotcha guys are a true inspiration. <3

  17. Awww this was so sweet!!! Happy gotcha day to an amazing pair!!

  18. All the feels! <3 Perfect love story!

  19. Him making you happy, makes me so happy. Congrats on two years!

  20. I love everything about this post, and the two of you. I agree, it seems longer than two years!


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