Thursday, November 2, 2017

2017 Two Point Challenge: Winning!!

November is here. Fall is in full swing, with winter undoubtedly on its heels. All this to say, the annual equestrian blogger challenge 2ptober has come to a close.

It's been a hell of a ride, with quite a few riders laying down monster times. Quite possibly with a few record breakers thrown in there as well. And while we can only award four final winners, it's worth taking a moment to celebrate the group as a whole:

Stats & Accolades: 

- 17 Riders doubled their baselines or better
- Average longest time spent in 2pt position was 8 minutes
- That's quadruple the average baseline time of 2 minutes
- Total sum of all riders' longest times was over 3.5 hours

Those of you who gave the challenge a shot this year deserve a major pat on the back. And esp those of you who kept on working, week after week, burning muscles and all, toward your own improved strength and ability as riders -- Y'all are basically heroes. Well done!

Rider Blog Baseline Max Time % Improved
Aimee SprinklerBandits 2:13 2:13 0%
Alex TheHorseDream 0:22 8:00 2,082%
Amanda Bel Joeor 0:25 8:12 1,868%
Anxious Eventer Anxious Eventer 2:36 2:36 0%
Bee Tea Riding to B 3:00 3:00 0%
Beth A Truby in Tucson 0:23 1:51 383%
Britt A House on a Hill 5:04 5:04 0%
Chelsey Horseback Writing 2:47 2:47 0%
Emily Frank 5:38 19:40 249%
Fig Topaz Dreams 0:07 1:03 800%
Holly Marescara 2:02 6:03 198%
J. Alexander It's Cosmic 2:00
Kaity The Repurposed Horse 4:07 9:15 125%
KateRose Peace & Carrots 2:24 2:24 0%
KC The Pilgrim Chronicles 2:37 21:49 734%
L Williams Viva Carlos 5:25
Laura Anne 1:11 2:05 76%
Maddy CTR+Halt+DEL 1:15 3:15 160%
Mandy The Everything Pony 3:00 8:00 167%
Megan Phoebe the Freebie 0:20 4:03 1,115%
Megan K Go Big or Go Home 3:13 3:13 0%
Molly One Bud Wiser 2:09 5:46 168%
Nadia 3day adventures with horses 4:40 23:26 402%
Niamh Misadventures of a girl and her OTTB 2:43 3:17 21%
Nicole Sharp Zen Baby 1:58 1:58 0%
Olivia DIY Horse Ownership 1:17 1:17 0%
Sara The Roaming Rider 0:32 4:38 769%
SarahO Autonomous Dressage 2:05 2:05 0%
SarahW My Red Mare 2:00 2:00 0%
Teresa Journey with a Dancing Horse 1:44 8:40 400%
Tracy Fly On Over 1:45 1:45 0%

For your efforts, please right click on the below Participation Ribbon Badge to save it for upload and display on your blog's sidebar or in a post!

We'd also like to take a moment to congratulate the Top 5 Finishers for each division:

Longest Time

Most Improved

Rider Blog Rider Blog
Nadia 3day adventures with horses Megan Phoebe the Freebie
KC The Pilgrim Chronicles Fig Topaz Dreams
Emily Frank Sara The Roaming Rider

Congrats to you too - and please grab the below Ribbon Badge recognizing your extreme prowess at holding your two point position for longer and longer times!

And finally, we'd like to congratulate our 2017 Two Point Challenge Champions and Reserve Champions for Longest Time and Most Improved:

Longest Time

Most Improved

Rider Blog Rider Blog
L Williams Viva Carlos Alex TheHorseDream
J. Alexander It's Cosmic Amanda Bel Joeor

Champions and Reserve Champions - each and every one of you laid down a very impressive longest time! My hat is off to both L. Williams and J. Alexander for lasting a muscle-melting 40+ minutes, you're both winners in my book!

And special congrats to Alex and Amanda for proving why this practice is so valuable by blowing your original baselines out of the water to finish with very respectable 8+ minute finishes. Way to go!

In addition to your Ribbon Badges, please get in touch with Allison from PONY'TUDE on her contact page or FB to claim your real life omg so awesome prizes!!!!!

Thanks again to all of the 2017 participants for sharing in on this excellent community challenge to be the strongest riders we can possibly be! I hope you enjoyed following along, and especially hoped that you maybe found a few new blogs in the process! Be sure to check out all of this year's participants linked in the table above!


  1. Thank you both for hosting this. It was fun to do. I am happy that I kept with it and improved by 400%!

    1. And Congratulations to to the winners!

    2. yay i'm glad you kept with it too!! it's pretty cool to be able to quantify real progress like that - all the participants should be super proud!

  2. Congrats to all the winners!! It was a fun challenge and I'm so impressed with those massive times.

    1. i know, right? i could never ever make it that long and am blown away by the dedication haha. seriously tho even just being able to hold that position steady for long enough to make it through an xc course is a major accomplishment and something we should all strive toward!

  3. This was a lot of fun! Wish I could've gotten in more time but I am stronger! And that's what it's all about! In the name of torture tho..... Is there a No Stirrup November contest coming up?! lol

    1. definitely haha!! being stronger is what it's all about - and at least we can all be winners in that aspect! idk about any official contests for november, but it's definitely the season for challenging ourselves!

  4. AH! Wow! Yay, I'm glad I won! That's stupid exciting. :D

    1. yay!!!!! :D it IS stupid exciting! get in touch with allison asap!!

  5. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for hosting!

    1. thanks for participating!!!! wouldn't be a blogger community challenge without some riders putting in that sweat equity ;)

  6. Thank you guys for hosting! I did not think I had a chance when entering but here I am! Woo! I needed that kick in the pants to keep pushing myself.

    1. yassssss!!! that's exactly what it's all about -- and even better that you surprised yourself by clinching a title!!!

  7. Replies
    1. congrats indeeed!!! lots to be proud about!

  8. I'm still not really sure how my legs are functional.


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