Friday, May 26, 2017


Happy Friday everyone! And happy long weekend for everyone in the states too!

For a little fun, let's do a quick review of Charlie's winning 2017 Eventing BINGO! card, shall we? And I know I still owe all you contest participants your digital ribbons - have no fear, that'll definitely happen eventually.

such glory!

Clear Cross Country:

Charlie did this twice, first at Loch Moy then again at Fair Hill. Alas we accrued our first jumping penalties (in both jumping phases, no less!) at Jenny Camp.

Trotted the Biggest Fence on Course:

Well... Charlie trotted the entire middle section of his first xc run at Loch Moy. Which, incidentally, included a surprisingly beefy roll top. Not the tallest thing in the world, but undoubtedly the widest obstacle Charlie had yet faced.

i never claimed to be anything more than the monkey on his back haha

Straight 6s Across the Board:

Haha. We're nothing if not consistent at this point. Consistently.... mediocre lol. Under a different judge, some of these scores would be 5s (as at Fair Hill), but our Jenny Camp judge was generous. That's fine tho, we'll take it!

yup.... sounds about right.

Holy Long Spot:

Lol.... There are actually a couple options for this and probably our effort at Jenny Camp's triple bar later on course would have been a better candidate. But I don't have a great photograph of that, whereas I *do* have a representative shot of us conquering the pheasant feeder.

my barn mate's comment upon seeing this? "Well at least the horse looks cute!"


So. There ya have it folks! This year's Eventing BINGO! contest officially has its first winning card!

That doesn't mean it's over yet tho - I sincerely hope that those of you who got cards are keeping track and crossing off your tiles as you go. Any updates on that front? Any moments of glory that you've carefully been documenting?

Or are there folks out there who didn't initially sign up for BINGO! cards but now wish you had? I'll happily assign you cards from the selection here if you're interested!

Bc the best part about this game is that it can take moments of otherwise moderate-to-extreme fail and turn them into something..... a little funnier? lol.... Gotta celebrate the small stuff, right? Or something?

Seems like this upcoming long weekend might be the perfect opportunity to go check off some boxes haha - enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. it's funny, but my other bingo card has been out performing this one all season long. and these weren't necessarily the collection of tiles i most expected to check off. and yet, here we are!

  2. Replies
    1. yessss! my other card has two paths that are close - but one involves something i really hope does *not* happen, and another involves something i would really enjoy but that is highly unlikely. so.... yea haha. we shall see!

  3. Replies
    1. ha thanks! hard to be too sad about coming in last place in my recent event when we got to WIN at bingo?? lol #priorities ;)

  4. "Strung out but obedient" - Sounds like B. Go Charlie Go! <3

    1. Seems like B and Charlie have a lot in common as they begin in their new sport!

  5. BINGO! I'm not really showing this year so I'm living vicariously through everyone else, haha

    1. ha fair enough, tho the game is really open to a reasonable degree of interpretation. maybe it's "spooked at the goats or drone" instead of at the jump judges?? lol

  6. BINGO! I'm not sure if I should hope that I get some squares or not next weekend. Either way I'm sure I will :)

    1. haha i hope you do - there are plenty of awesome squares to shoot for, too!!

  7. Yeah. I need a card. With my plans and all...

  8. I love that you have already completed your card and I haven't even gone to an event yet!! lol. Seriously though, Charlie is totally a winner!

    1. the best thing about coming up with our own games and 'definitions' of winning is that we can ALL be winners lol! even when we ride like i'm riding in the pictures above ;)

  9. I'm pretty positive I have a winning one lol. Need to go through my cards!


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