Thursday, November 24, 2016

happy thanksgiving! (via gifs)

Hope all you US readers out there are having a wonderful Thanksgiving today! And for non-US readers, hope you get to eat some good food anyway (and maybe spend time with loved ones and family and whatnot too lol).

I'm looking forward to my annual tradition of fitting in two family dinners today (#giantfamilyproblems) and thought I'd share a couple gifs that accurately reflect my excitement (but with animals bc obviously):

my face when i first see that turkey

trying to load up my plate with ALL OF THE THINGS ALL AT ONCE OMG SO HUNGRY

and obviously sneaking in for 2nd and 3rd servings when nobody's looking

and trying to cut a slice of pie without destroying my sister's ridiculously ornate crust that undoubtedly took her forever to make. trying... and failing. #oops

then finally rolling myself over to the couch for some football post meal. no regrets!!! whatever i missed today will still be around for leftovers tomorrow ;)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🍗🍗🦃 Enjoy your day with good food and family!

  2. YASSSSSSS all the GIFs 😁 happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I am so hung over today I don't know if i'll make it

  4. You would not believe the amount of leftovers that are going back to school with me. Take that, diner food! Happy Turkey Day!

  5. Haha!! These are great! Happy Thanksgiving and CONGRATULATIONS on your new guy!! I've been such a slacker with blogging but I have been checking in on your blog and have read all about him. So happy for you :) :)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!! I ate until I could hardly move and then ate just a little more. Now to detox until Christmas when I get to do it all again :)


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