Tuesday, September 8, 2015

holiday hangover

Phew.... so much to write about!!! But.... ya know, not quite ready yet. So you get another teaser from another ride that will get a full recap.

Also, today is lesson day so that should be fun too. But still - as yet to come. In any case, hope everyone is settling back into work ok!!

woo hoo crossing a briiiiiidge!!!!

ok so....... this hardly constitutes a teaser pic... but i just thought she looked cute. also, more paper chase pictures to come!!
So yea... sorry for the dearth of posts. But really, at least there are pics of Isabel being adorable? Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend - did you get up to anything fun????


  1. Replies
    1. haha i tend to think so too - even if i'm a little biased :)

  2. You are SO busy. I don't understand how you get it all done.

    1. haha i like to keep busy, that's for sure. but then again almost all my little activities are voluntary. somehow that makes it easier i think :)


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