Saturday, November 1, 2014

october review + november goals

Ok. So let's try this whole goal-setting exercise again. I was a little more on top of my game this month, and it resulted in getting more things done. Or at least, the things that were in my control.

October Evaluation:

1. More no-stirrups work (no balancing on hands please!!!) and at least 2 bareback rides AND: Two Pointober

-We did the two bareback rides (complete with photographic proof), and some two point, tho not nearly as much as I expected. Ya know, that road being paved with good intentions and whatnot.... Not so much no-stirrups stuff either. 

But I did place 2nd in a flat class that called for 2point and no stirrups posting, so that's gotta count for something, right? No?? Well, ok. Fine. Goal unmet. 

yea this goal is unmet until i can keep that right leg stretching *down*.... ugh

2. At least 1, ideally 2 dressage lessons. 3 jump lessons at OF and 1 lesson with D.

-Couldn't connect with dressage trainer MP. I really like her, but we have conflicting schedules so I might need to look elsewhere. Perhaps the new trainer C can fill this void? In any case, we did 2 jump lessons at OF, one with C, and one with Dan... Close enough.

3. Bio-mechanics lesson with particular focus on Izzy's right hind and my ineffective leg aids

-Check and check: must work on lateral balance

4. Chiro appointment to investigate some of my concerns re: Isabel's hind end

-Yep, see above.

5. Gymnastics! with a BOUNCE!! (perhaps can be requested during a jump lesson?

-We definitely had some fun with this, and want to do moar :)

6. Investigate possibility of local jumpers or dressage shows. Want more miles!

-We did even better than I expected: a fun schooling show and another full horse trial :)

isabel could run away from water all day long

7. Make a decision re: ST

-Still haven't decided. I guess I'm kinda cruising in limbo. Not getting back on the schedule until I *want* to, and if that doesn't happen, that's ok.

November Goals:

1. No-stirrups November? More 2point? Anything to get that right leg uncurled?

2. Aim for 5 lessons (there *are* five weekends, after all), 4 is ok

3. Moar grids plz!

4. Improve lateral suppleness. For real.

5. Any last events before the winter sets in?? Hunter trials Nov 2?


  1. Good job, you met almost all the October goals :-)

    1. thanks! progress slow and steady :)

  2. Yay for goals met! I'm with you on no stirrup November :)

    1. yay indeed! i'm gonna try and stay strong for november - esp since i won't have the excuse of needing to focus on show prep lol

  3. Love your goals and the fact you did so well meeting your October goals. Yay you *clap*
    I cannot believe how far behind i have fallen on your blog, I feel terrible as you are such a loyal reader of mine...must backtrack starting now!

    1. aww thanks! i was pretty far behind a few weeks ago and suddenly had something like 300+ unread horsey posts... so i know the feeling!

  4. Way to go!! Lots of accomplishments!

  5. Maybe add some stretching for those worked out legs!

    1. yea i really should... i'm so bad about doing that kind of stuff tho!! lol but i probs won't see the results i want without putting in the work...