Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SMTT - Happy Things Hop

Lauren over at She Moved to Texas wants us to share things that make us happy! Specifically - the little nooks and crannies in your house that make you smile.

My things are less 'nook' and more 'big funky weird stuff I keep in my apartment,' but they make me happy all the same. Plus, the somewhat match the art-vibe that's been going around (tho I can take no personal credit).

hi. i am not creepy at all.

This large-ish wooden horse presumably started life as a rocking horse (notice the stubs below his hooves? and the hole through his mouth where maybe a bit used to be?). But really, who would paint a children's toy to be so, uh, eccentric looking? 

I was a small child browsing the goods with my family at the Crumpton Auction when we stumbled on this crazy thing. I loved the auction anyways because there were always old saddles there and I always wanted them... but this horse. I NEEDED this horse. 

All the same, though, I was stunned when my father actually bid on it - then re-bid (bc apparently more than one person wanted it?) - and finally shelled out $80 to win it!! That seemed like an awful lot of money, but I was thrilled. (then super confused because he ended up paying $84 for it... and that was the day I learned about sales tax lol). 

Still - 20 years later and I freakin love this crazy wooden horse, and frequently pat his little nose when I pass by.

My other happy thing is the sofa where I spend 90% of my waking time at home. This run-down, beat-up sofa is the best thing in the world, and the whole rest of my combination living / dining room is arranged to be most visually-pleasing when viewed from here.

Notice all the big fluffy pillows, especially the dark green one embroidered in a bird pattern by my mother. 

That painting makes me super duper happy too. It was done by local artist (and close friend of my brother-in-law) Sean Reichert, and I actually bought it right off his own home's wall. I don't know what it is about this guy - he's kinda got a fidel-castro-as-gas-station-attendant vibe going on... but I just really enjoy it. 

But really, the happiest things in my apartment are the kitties. The little gray guy OG actually just moved in with us last week, and my orange tabby Martini took to him immediately. Yay for feline friends!


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